About Panache

In November 2004, James Dale founded Panache as the import company of record for the premium vodka, 42 BELOW. At this time, 42 BELOW was a publically traded company but lacked traction in the United States, the most important liquor market in the world. Panache provided the solution by developing a proprietary sales and marketing infrastructure focused on building mass awareness and driving volume. One year later, the brand was in 19 strategically selected states and was outperforming in top tier image accounts. By mid 2005, 42 BELOW was a major player in the business and was being noticed in the U.S. by major suppliers.

Bacardi added 42 BELOW to a list of top threats to Grey Goose in the U.S. Shortly thereafter, 42 BELOW was formally approached for acquisition. At this stage, Panache was responsible for over 50% of the total annual cases sold globally and was among the key driving factors in the success of the brand. In December 2006, Bacardi purchased 42 BELOW for $91 million (representing a gain on sale of $71 million).

Panache shifted its focus from being solely an importer to a 360 degree spirits development, sales and marketing company focusing on developing brands that fill voids in the current spirits market — brands with unique brand/product attributes and category positions.

Today, Panache Beverage, Inc. is an alcoholic beverage company specializing in the development and global sales and marketing of spirits brands. Panache management is following a “build and exit” business model for its brands. The Company’s expertise lies in the strategic development and early growth of brands establishing these assets as viable and attractive acquisition candidates for the major global spirits companies. Panache intends to sell brands individually as they mature while continuing to develop its pipeline of new brands in to the Panache portfolio. Panache’s portfolio presently contains three brands: Wodka Vodka , Alibi American Whiskey, and Alchemia Infused Vodka.

In 2009 Panache brought Wodka Vodka to market — a quirky, premium vodka with a value vodka price tag. Wdka was a hit drawing the attention of consumer and business media alike for its fresh positioning and innovative business strategy. Wodka Vodka sold its first bottle in October 2009 in New York City, launched its marketing campaign nine months later and recently, following multiple features in Time Magazine, Forbes and Bloomberg Businessweek, has been anointed as the leader in the rapidly growing 'Cheap Premium' segment of the vodka category. Panache is focused on growing Wodka Vodka rapidly while maintaining the humble, egalitarian beginnings of the brand.

Alibi has been developed to exploit a gap in the exploding brown spirits category—the edgy, cool, premium Whiskey that appeals to the younger generation of LDA drinkers. Whiskey and Bourbon brands today are largely positioning themselves alongside “tradition” and “heritage”, creating brands that look, feel and are marketing against the classic cocktail era. Forgotten is the brown spirits tradition Jack Daniels left behind decades ago—badasses drink Whiskey, Whiskey is dangerous, and Whiskey is about a mindset of true cool. Alibi American Whiskey is a smooth 90-proof whiskey that is easy to drink; any way you want to drink it. Since its launch in Q4 it has been embraced by trade and consumers as a unique alternative to what already exists in the marketplace.

Staying true to its credo, Panache developed Alchemia in parallel to the explosion of the epicurean craze. The premium, Polish rye vodka, is distilled three times and then infused, in oak barrels, with fresh ingredients to make its unique Chocolate, Ginger, and Wild Cherry infusions. Alchemia’s infusions are a fresh escape for consumers who have been offered very little from a spirits world rife with the artificially flavored vodkas presently taking up store shelves and back bars. Panache is focused on making Alchemia a staple for any consumer whose palate demands just a little more than chemical additives.

On August 23rd, 2013 Panache Beverage Inc. acquired a pre-existing distillery and opened Panache Distillery LLC. The distillery provides Panache with the means to manage its own supply chain for its brands while providing the parent company with new and diverse revenue streams. Production of Wodka Vodka and Alibi American Whiskey will be transitioned to the Panache Distillery over the next year. Additionally, Panache Distillery will offer third party contract distillation and co-packing as ancillary businesses and additional revenue streams.

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